Dome - Wholesale market - Agadir (Morocco) - 1968

The superb dome of the wholesales market in Agadir was built after the earthquaque of 1960 (25,000 death), but remains unused for years,
and experienced a fire 12 tears ago which partially destroyed the polyester roof cladding.
Hopefully, 45 years after its erection, the steel frame is still in good shape, but starts to rust in exposed areas.
Some projects of renovation were submitted to the Municipality, after a design competition in 2001.

This elegant structure is one of the symbol of the reconstruction of the city, and of dynamism of Souss valley...

Owner: City of Agadir

P. Coldefy et Claude Verdugo

Space farme and cladding contractor:
SEA Roger Boyer (Agadir)

Space frame consultant:
Stéphane Duchateau

Dimension between supports: 34.70m
The dome is supported on 3 nodes.

Diameter of the pipes:
D. 114 and 133 mm

A little history ...

The dome of the Wholesale Market of Agadir was designed in 1964/1965 under the auspices of the "
Haut Commissariat à la Reconstruction d’Agadir,", by architects P. Coldefy and C. Verdugo.
Fabrication, erection of the dome and design-erection of the polyester cladding were achieved ​​by Company Boyer (Agadir).
Design, calculations, and shop-drawings had been awarded to Stephane Duchateau, well known french engineer, who had been the first to introduce the tubular framing and space frames in the 50s, in France and in Europe.
Holder of several patents, he developed in 1960 a system allowing to built light one-layer tubular structures.

Systeme SDC Known as Système SDC, the node is composed of two half-shells in cast steel, partially welded to the members in shop, and partially on site.

3D models:
(left) = node
(right) = space frame
dome agadir 3D

Dome Agadir
The dome in 1975
Dome Agadir 2009
December 2009